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We currently offer the British-based International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the New Zealand Mathematics and English curriculum. Inquiry-based learning is at the heart our all teaching and learning programmes. Some students who are gifted and talented in Mathematics have the opportunity to be assessed against New Zealand’s NCEA at level 1 (Year 11) and level 2 (Year 12) achievement standards.

“The school currently has an application in with the International Baccalaureate Organisation to offer the IB Primary and Middle Years Programme from August 2018. We expect to offer the Diploma programme in future years.”



  • The student is the foundation of the learning process so education must encompass the development of the whole individual with the school’s emphasis on academic, physical, social growth along with an international awareness.
  • As all children do not learn in the same way, allowances are made for differences in learning styles through a differentiated programme of instruction.
  • Education must foster independent thinking, critical analysis and an appreciation and understanding of difference.
  • A safe and caring environment is essential to academic success and a school and is a place where students learn to respect others, accept responsibility, exhibit sound morale, values and behaviour.
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are an essential part of the school curriculum and used daily by students and teachers.



Our English programmes are not taught as a separate or standalone subject, as these types of programmes do not provide quality and sufficient opportunity to learn English, the integrated approach we use has been shown to be more effective than stand-alone English Programmes.

Our Integrated English Language programme supports children becoming proficient English language learners to achieve academic success across all areas of the curriculum; our programme is unique in that it not only teaches students to speak, but also write, read, communicate, develop vocabulary, grammar, and present confidently in English across all curriculum areas.

All students starting school from 5 years of age or higher are expected to have basic English language ability. A decision is then made as to whether they have sufficient communication skills to enter the school and if additional English language support is required. Students in the Kindergarten do not need to speak English, as this will be provided to them through play-based activities.

Our approach is based on integrated language teaching, as we believe that children make the fastest progress when language is learned in context and immersed in a language-rich environment alongside their English-speaking peers. Direct support is provided mostly through in-class assistance but also where appropriate in small groups and one-to-one instruction. Additionally, indirect support is provided through liaison with the class teachers, especially in adapting materials to suit the needs of each student

Our students come to us with a variety of different experiences regarding first language skills. Research into the acquisition of additional language (integrated approach) shows students can take up to two years to develop social language and up to seven years to develop their academic English to cope with the literacy demands across the curriculum.

All students are taught by trained Native English speaking teachers supported by Native Thai speaking assistants. A specialist English trained ESOL/TEFL is assigned to support the teaching and learning to English language learners.


The Thai language and culture curriculum at Silver Fern supports and relates to students and corresponds to the school’s mission aimed at creating positive attitudes towards the Thai language and culture and strengthens the awareness of the value of the language.

All students aged 5 years and above receive a minimum of 6 hours per week Thai language and cultural studies:

  • Develop skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing Thai language and grammar rules.
  • Study Thai Culture and arts such as Thai classical dance and music, wat (temple) and museum, Thai dress code, Thai wisdom. Students will enjoy singing and dancing Thai songs,  Thai crafts, and playing Thai music instruments during school activities.
  • Study Social Studies to understand religions, Thailand geography, history, democracy in Thailand, natural conservation, and the economy.
  • Participate in Loy Krathong, Songkran and Wai Khru ceremony. They also learn other Thai cultural aspects.

A strong home language that continues to develop alongside the acquisition of the English has been proven to be the best way to success in learning English and home languages.  Furthermore, a strong home language is fundamental to the children’s overall emotional and academic development.

Mandarin (Chinese) is also offered as a language option at the school.


Integrated Balanced Curriculum

In addition to the Integrated English language, Thai and Mandarin programmes, Silver Fern offers the following curriculum studies.

  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Technology, computing, coding and robotics
  • Health and Physical education
  • Social Studies and History
  • The Arts, music, visual art, Dance


Qualified Experienced Teachers

All our curriculum areas are taught by qualified International teachers who have substantial experience meeting the diverse needs of our community of learners.

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