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Our Preschool consists of two distinct learning areas – Inside and Outside. We have created a natural flow from the inside to the outside for our students. Both areas have been created to meet the needs of these active bodies and minds. Indoor and outdoor learning have equal value.

Young students learn through exploration and play. They are encouraged to question and work out problems for themselves, whilst being supported in a caring and nurturing environment. Inside areas are designed to meet traditional learning alongside 21st Century learning incorporating ICT.

The outside environment has unique characteristics and features.This outdoor learning area is  enhanced by an environment that is richly resourced with play materials which can be adapted and used in differentways.  Teachers use this approach to learning to consider experiencesgained rather than equipment being used as the key to the learning happening.

This enquiry-based learning process differentiates depending on the age group. Enquiry involves an active engagement with their learning environment.

It is an effort to make sense of the world around them and the reflection on the consequences between the experiences encountered and the information gathered. It could look like:

  • Exploring, wondering and questioning
  • Experimenting and playing with possibilities
  • Making connections between previous learning and current learning
  • Talking and defending a position
  • Solving problems in a variety of ways

Te Whariki, the New Zealand kindergarten curriculum, alongside the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), is used to inform our teaching and set direction for units introduced.

During all this learning only English is spoken.  Learning another language in the early years is far easier than in later. Learning through ‘play’ is by far the easiest.

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