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Healthy Eating

Here at Silver Fern International School we are very aware that school food directly affects students health, learning and lifetime wellness habits. Our aim is to make our school a healthier place by providing quality food and showing our students the importance of nutrition and embracing a healthy active school environment. Ensuring our students have the choice of fresh vegetables and fruit every day and limiting sugary foods is reflected in our school menu.

Proper nutrition is also tied to better academic performance.  Children who eat unhealthy lunches are more likely to score lower on tests and have a harder time with schoolwork. Timi Gustafson (acclaimed Dietitian) wrote in an article stressing his concern that children “not getting enough essential nutrients at meals may lower kids IQ scores, memory capacities, finer motor-skills, social skills and language skills into early adulthood and beyond.”

Our school menu is rotated regularly to give students variety and a balance of healthy nutrition.

Our current lunch menu includes:

  • Stir-fried chicken and basil leaf with rice and steamed vegetables
  • Spaghetti beef bolognese with mixed green salad
  • Stewed pork leg with rice and roasted vegetables
  • Pasta carbonara with caesar salad
  • Chicken teriyaki with sweetcorn, salad and rice
  • Fish fingers with potato salad and coleslaw
  • Japanese pork curry with rice and stir-fry vegetables

Our morning and afternoon snacks include fruit alongside muffins, yogurt, salad rolls, sandwiches, popcorn and crackers.

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