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Roi-Et School for the Blind

12 December, 2017

Today students from Silver Fern International School filled the school van and car with gifts for the students at Roi-Et School for the Blind. Silver Fern Students had over the past three weeks carefully selected and purchased with assistance from their parent’s gifts for each student and were delivered in person today (Tuesday 12th December) and were greatly appreciated. This was a wonderful opportunity for our students through service opportunities to give to others less fortunate than themselves. We hope the gifts given will be a blessing to those who received them.

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Here is what the children had to say:

On Thursday I went to the blind school and give the present to them. It is very hot. It is nice to give them present. – Surit, Year 3


Today we went to the Blind school with Mr and Mrs Murray and out teachers. First the school put the presents in the bus. We were getting ready to go to the blind school. Then we went on the bus. We going finally ging to the blind school. Next we put the presents on the table. We gave the presents to blind people. – Alin, Year 3


On Tuesday 12th December 2017 8:40 Silverfern, 10 children Shan, Three, Akr, Prim, Noah, James, Tubtim, Alin, Suit and Princess K went to the blind school, we then gathered the gifts and put them down, we all helped each other to give out the gifts to the bind school, We put the gifts in their hand, then they all stood up and sang a song in Thai, thank you for everything that you made us felt better. Then after that Mr. Murray and teachers talk together and the children too.Then we said goodbye to them and they said thank you very much, then we went on the school van and Miss Cristy drove back to school. – Princess K, Year 4


On Tuesday 12 December, all the kids at the school went down to flag raising ceremony place. We all lined up and passed the presents one other, and put it the presents on the bus. When i’ts 8:40 Surit,Three,Shan,Noah, Princess,Prim, Alin and I  hopped onto the bus then went to the blind school. We carried the presents then place them on the table, then we listened to a Thai song and english. After the song stopped we got on the bus and then go to Robinson for icecream. – James, Year 4


This morning 10 students from Silver Fern school visited the blind school to give presents to the blind students. The trip to the blind school so not long but about 8 minutes. We pass Robinson and all student want to go there. The student at the blind school is half of them and the rest is not there so we give only half of them. Then we drive back to Silver Fern.  – Shan, Year 5


This morning I was very excited to go to the blind school. And all the students in the school put their presents in the van.And the student that went with me is Shan, Prim, Noah, James, Surit.Princess, Alin and Aki. Next, we all jumped in the van and put our seatbelt on.  In the car, me and Shan talked about buddyfight. Then we arrived at the blind school and there not much students.  We gave all of our presents to them.  They looks very happy and I was very happy as well.Then they sang a song to us and Mrs.Murray cry. Then we went back to our van and put our seat belt on and went back to our school. – Three, Year 5


On the 12th of December, my friends and I went to the Blind School to gave some Christmas presents.First, when we went in the hall, they introduce their school to us.Then, they sang a song to us. They sang very well. Later, we brought the presents from the cars to the table. When we finished, the table just full of presents! Then we took a photo, with blind people. Later, I bought a present to put in their hand. We just went back. I had a good time there. – Prim, Year 6


On December the twelfth we went to give present to Roi Et school for the blind. To start with we made a human chain to Mr Murray’s car. Though there was so many presents we needed to put them in the van as well! Only a few people went to the school. Me, Aki, Tuptim, Alin, Surit, James, Princess K, Three and Shan. We drove in the van to the school. I was nervous that I might stare or point at what there eyes looked like. Thankfully I did not point. Their teacher talked then Mr Murray talked. I did not understand a lot because it was in Thai except for when Mr Murray talked, and no one translated it for me. After everyone had spoken, we handed out the presents. It was lovely seeing them talk about the presents and get excited about what they would get. It was also great to see that there was presents left over. It meant that everyone had bought a present and that everyone cared! – Noah, Year 6


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