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Wai Kru – Teacher Appreciation Ceremony

28 September, 2017

The Silver Fern International School like to inherit and preserve our beautiful Thai Culture as we are one of the International Schools in Thailand. Moreover RESPECT is one of our principles. The teachers are seen to have a position of high honour. Teacher Appreciation Day or Wai Kru Ceremony is another way Thai people show their respect for educators. This takes place at the beginning of the new school year on a Thursday. Children perform the “Wai Kru Ceremony”. They bow before their teachers and offer them flowers with candles and incense in a gold container.

The bouquets given to the teachers have three specific flowers in them: one symbolizing wit (Ixora/ดอกเข็ม), one for respect (Eggplant Flower/ดอกมะเขือ), and the other for perseverance (Grass/หญ้าแพรก). In performing the ceremony, the students are thanking the teachers for having been taught well in the past, while hoping to gain merit, and good luck for the future.

Date: Thursday 28 September 2017


From the Student Media Group

Students paid respect to the teachers by doing the Thai cultural and tradition, Wai Kru, on Thursday 28 September. Wai Kru is a very important tradition. Every school in Thailand does it. The first thing we did was a special type of wai and saying aunchli. After the wai we gave our teachers some flowers arranged in a shape. We then sang a song, said a poem and then we sang another song.

Noah and Ellie

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